doubleEco - Corrugated Cardboard Pallets: economically efficient, ecologically welcome

The freight mate that is both economically efficient and ecologically welcome


Its time has come

There is worldwide demand for greater environmental responsibility. There is need to reduce the carbon footprint of our exports. And there is always a call to lower costs.

The doubleEco corrugated cardboard pallet will deliver on all counts while safely transporting your exports.

Looks brown, made green

doubleEco corrugated board pallets are made from recycled and plantation sourced papers – as typically used in corrugated cartons. All glues are water-based and non-toxic. This will make doubleEco pallets welcome in most countries as they can be readily recycled into paper again and present no disposal contamination like materials used in other pallets.

Without any wood components in doubleEco pallets, insects and other harmful organisms won’t be transported with your product. (In the US alone pests imported in wooden packaging have caused over $1 billion in eco-damage.)

Overseas customers and consumers are increasingly insisting on the most environmentally sound packaging and transport options available. doubleEco pallets simply ARE your best option.

Built strong

doubleEco pallets are made from multiple layers of corrugated board glue-laminated together to be as strong as you need them to be - they can be customised to suit your specific load requirements. The top and bottom decks are separated by 9 bonded pillars, also of corrugated cardboard, designed to allow 4 way entry by forklifts and jiffy trolleys.

Built smart

Being light and smooth doubleEco pallets minimise injury risk to handlers on your site and right through to the end user. The risk and cost of product damage is also reduced as doubleEco pallets have no nails and cannot splinter.

Product damage from moisture egress, as occurs with wood, is eliminated as water is removed from corrugated card during manufacture making doubleEco pallets naturally dry.


In most cases, the price of doubleEco cardboard pallets will be comparable or lower than an export wood pallet. The other additional benefits make a clear case for using doubleEco cardboard pallets for your exports.
Lightweight - ¼ to ½ the weight of a timber pallet
  • Reduces lifting injuries
  • Easily carried by one person
  • Reduces forklift usage and cost
  • Improves factory efficiency
  • Considerable airfreight savings
Low moisture content 
  • More product friendly
  • Less product damage from
    moisture absorption
  • Less degradation esp to cans, metal products and electronic components
Custom design – to suit your product requirements
  • Made to any size
  • Made to any strength requirement
  • Made to any height
  • Supplied ready for use (no assembly required)
  • Can be coated to:
    - to provide extra moisture
    absorption resistance
    - improve cool store performance
Four way entry for forklifts & pallet trolleys
  • optimum freight footprint 
Continuously smooth surfaces (top and bottom)
  • Gap-free surface provides
    maximum support for products
    and load bearing carton walls
  • No product damage from broken
    slats, splinters or nails
  • Reduced personal injury threat in
    handling and in retail situations
  • Rigid bottom deck – performs well on conveyors and palletisation equipment
  • Does not scratch floors
Ideal for indoor and aisle displays
  • No injury from broken slats, splinters or nails
  • More “shopper friendly” if bumped
  • Will not scratch floors
Shock absorbent
  • Ideal for computers, glass, and
    electronic components
100% all corrugated paper construction
  • Can be used in “clean-room”
    environments where wood cannot
    (ie meat/fish processing plants)
  • Can be compacted with all other
    used corrugated products
Made from part
recycled, part virgin
paper sourced from
plantation forests 
  • Minimises environmental impact
  • Welcomed into the recycling pool
  • Not using valuable timber that can be used elsewhere
Minimised ‘carbon
footprint’ impact
  • Ideal for export
  • Ideal for one-way freight applications
Fully recyclable
  • Can be compacted with all other
    used corrugated products
  • Suited to “clean-room” environments where wood is not
    (e.g.: meat/fish processing plants)
Harbours no forestry
  • No fumigation needed
  • No importer resistance
  • No more offshore forestry
Internationally accepted (Resistance to timber
imports are increasing;
many landfills ban
timber disposal or
impose special levies.)
  • Does not need fumigation to cross international borders
  • Does not need evidence of ISPM
    15 timber treatment certifi cation
  • Welcomed into the recycling pool
  • FDA approved
Competitive price,
Cost efficient
  • Price comparable with wood pallets with further cost benefits
No hidden costs
  • No extra admin for certification or hire pallets
  • Reduced product damage
  • Reduced personal injury
  • No repairs, sorting, or pallet pickups
  • No hire account losses
  • No hire costs
  • No border fumigation costs or penalties
Easy disposal
  • Fully recyclable
  • No costs or penalties as with wood pallets
Always new, clean, dry and sanitary      
  • Better product presentation
  • No moisture uptake into product from wet or green wooden pallets
  • No pallet repairs or sorting
  • No infestation from outside storage
Light weight
  • Considerable airfreight savings
  • Easily carried by one person
  • Reduced personal threat of injury
  • Reduces forklift & factory operating costs

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